22. April 2007

Recently I modified my Blog design a little bit. Therefore I also had to modify my design here, because I wanna use the same layout.
In contrast to my blog I also have full IE6 support, because here it's my own XHTML source code. :)
But in IE5 (both versions) it will be broken I think. I can't test it because I have no VM with IE5 installed at the moment. When I install Qemu on my Linux host again I will correct the CSS code for IE5.

I also updated the German version today. :)

08. March 2007

Finally I updated my private website again. I'm sorry because I was too busy in the past. But I will update my website more often now.
Therefore I did some big changes and modifications.
The largest modification is: I adapted my blog CSS design to this layout. So my (external) Blog and my English website use the same design now.
There is only one difference: Unfortunately I can't modify the xhtml source code on my Blog, so users who use IE6 and IE5 will have some troubles But the english part here is not affected. ;) I did some CSS hacks and tricks for a better IE rendering. So it (should) works, too. (Still not fully tested.) Maybe there are still some bugs. I can't test all at the moment. More informations about these troubles you will find on my new Informations page. :)
I also added a news section here. Here I will publish all changes I did on my private website.

28. May 2006

Back to the roots. ;) An English website version is now available again. But I don't use the same design/layout like in the German version.
I used the same CSS design which I created in the past for an other project. But of course with different modifications and improvements! ;) But the colors and background is temporary only at the moment. When I have more time I will change it again. :)
I will try to update the english part more often now. :)

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