Webdesign and CSS technology

I didn't use any webdesign software to create this website. I only used Kate, which is a famous texteditor for KDE Desktop.

At first I started to create my website in HTML 4.01 strict variant, but later I decided to change it into XHTML 1.0 Strict.
You can find detailed informations about the differences between HTML and XHTML at SelfHTML. (Sorry, german only.)
The source-code of every page is valid and conforms to the webstandard. Documents containing validated source-code are less likely to cause problems when viewed by different browsers.

I realised the text formatting by use of CSS (Cascading Stylesheets). All details for text formatting (like font size, color etc.) are rolled out in an extern CSS-file. If I change CSS details there it will affects in all several pages of the web project. (That's a great time saving!)

For the layout I also used CSS. I don't divert a table from its intended use. (Because tables shouldn't be use in webdesign for layout purposes!)
Here an example of my CSS-file. (I always try to optimise it.)

By use of CSS the source-code is clearly arranged and very "compact".
For comparison only I'll show this page without CSS details.

CSS based webdesign is also more flexible because I can change the layout very quickly. In contrast to a table-layout <div>s making it easy to apply other layouts without changing the (X)HTML source-code.

Well... you can see, there are much pros by using of CSS. But there is also a big problem. It's the Microsoft Internet Explorer. (Till version 6.) The latest version of MS Internet Explorer for all windows versions released in October 2001. Therefore this browser doesn't support many commonly used CSS features. Other commonly used CSS features are rendered with several conformance issues...
Also the english version here is affected by this problem. Because I need a special CSS trick for Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 only. Without this trick the layout/design looks completely damaged. More informations about this problem is available on my information page.

Valid CSS Valid XHTML1.0