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I added via CSS a special print page. If you want to print some pages here it only prints the important content. It don't print background images and colors. So you can save color for your printer. :)

Which software did I use?

Well I used only text editors to create the markup and CSS code here.
Since I switched completely to Linux I mostly used Kate, the KDE Advanced Text Editor.
In my Virtual Machine (a Windows Guest System running on my Linux Host) I used the normal Windows notepad. (For short IE related tests only)

Linux - KDE Kate Kate 100%
Windows - Notepad Notepad less than 1% (in Virtual Machine only)

For my images I used Gimp - image editor, Krita and PhotoImpact 8 + IrfanView. (Both running in my Virtual Machine.)

For the markup I used XHTML 1.0 strict and for the design and style CSS 2.1 variant.

The markup and CSS code is valid and conforms to the webstandard. I checked with the official W3C Markup Validation Service for CSS and XHTML 1.0
Therefore you will find these buttons on every page.

Valid CSS Valid XHTML1.0


Which Browsers are supported?

Full support

Opera 7.x | 8.x | 9.x
"Presto Rendering Engine"
Linux & Win32
Konqueror 3.x
"KHMTL Rendering Engine"
Linux (with KDE Libs)
Firefox 0.x | 1.x | 2.x
"Gecko Rendering Engine"
Linux & Win32
Internet Explorer 7
"Trident Rendering Engine"

Of course other Browsers with a similar or the same rendering engine are also supported. For example:

Other Gecko based rendering engines:



Support, but with special CSS hacks only...

Internet Explorer 6
"Trident Rendering Engine"
Internet Explorer 5.0 | 5.5
"Trident Rendering Engine"

Special remarks for IE5 and IE6

There are some problems with the CSS support of MS Internet Explorer till version 6. All CSS properties I use here in this web project are very old and released some years ago.

By default the layout looks completely damaged in IE5 and IE6. And some features like fixed background and transparent PNG images (with alpha channel) also doesn't work there! But for these problems I use some CSS hacks for a better IE rendering. With these hacks I can solve some IE related bugs.

Therefore I need three extra CSS files for my website. For IE6.0, IE5.5 and the last one for IE5.0. The hacks works best in IE6. Therefore this Browser is also fully supported with all website features. In IE5.5 you can see transparent menu buttons but the background is not fixed, In IE5.0 both doesn't work. But the layout is also still ok. With the valid standard CSS file (which use all other browsers) the layout in IE would look completely damaged.
Here you can test it:   Example (IE only) or a screenshot

No support

Very old browsers like Netscape 3/4 ot IE4 are NOT supported. These browsers are really out of date and the CSS support is also very very poor. So there is no support for it. But I use an extra CSS file for such old browsers. So you can see a plain text layout and you are able to read the texts. I'm sorry because I can't do more.

Valid CSS Valid XHTML1.0