Hello and welcome to my private website.
I'm very happy you found my website in the world wide web.

More detailed informations about me and my life are available in the About me section, on my private Blog or on german part of this website.

But I'm sorry because the english part of my website is not so detailed and comprehensive like the german part. Unfortunately I'm too busy to translate all the german texts.
But in future I try to update the english part as much as possible now. :)

There is also an introduction regarding the technology behind this website available - I didn't optimise this website for a special browser, because I support valid (X)HTML and CSS specifications as recommended by the W3C. (World Wide Web Consortium)

What's required for this website?
You only need a reasonably current browser which supports CSS. You don't need Java or plugins (like Flash), because I prefer simple websites.
I recommend current versions of Opera, Firefox (or other "Gecko" based browsers), Konqueror (Linux with KDE), or Safari (MacOS X) because many commonly used CSS features/properties are not supported by Internet Explorer 5 and 6. The CSS support in Version 7 (WinXP, Win2003 and Vista only) is better like in previous versions, but unfortunately not so advanced like in other Browsers. → Therefore I also did some rendering tests with my website. ;)

Best regards,

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