Here I introduce some interesting links. Maybe I will add new links soon. ;)

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My webprojects

Home of Heiko Wagner   My private (german) website
Opera community Blog   CSS only project; I made some new layouts
My student website   Similar design but older CSS source code
Milestone - International Offer   International website for an IT company
Student union of Landscape Architecture   New design and CSS layout


W3C   W3 Consortium (Consortium which defines webstandards)
Online Validator   W3C Online Validation Service
validome   Another (great) markup online validator
CSS Online Validator   W3C Online CSS Validation Service
SelfHTML   A famous german guide about webdesign
CSS Zen garden   Most beautiful CSS based websites
CSS beauty   CSS design showcase
The style works   Demonstration of CSS (german)   CSS contents and browser compatibility
ACID 2 Test   Browser webstandard support test
complex spiral demo   Test by Eric A. Meyer

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